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In Uganda, we help the poor rebuild their lives by providing education, healthcare, childcare, aid, vocational training, and employment opportunities. By so doing, we also enable volunteers to undertake humanitarian and Christian work in practical ways. Serving people in need is a truly life-changing experience.

From a short-term trip to long-term mission opportunities, the choice is yours. You can be a part of a program that is changing people’s lives- and it will impact your life too.

LightForce Nursery & Primary School

In Telela Village, Lira (Northern Uganda) we have built a Nursery and Primary school within an impoverished area. Children start in our Nursery at age age of 3 and will attend right the way through until the end of Primary education, around the age of 15 years old.

When volunteering in our School, you can support the children with their learning in the classroom, provide structured games and activities at break and lunchtimes as well as carrying out one to one reading sessions with children.

If you are a qualified teacher or an education professional then you will have the opportunity to support our teachers with their professional development as well as their planning and delivery of lessons.

LightForce Agricultural & Vocational School

People in Lira, Uganda need sustainable livelihoods and so in 2017 LightForce opened an Agricultural School to equip the youth of this rural area to be effective in farming. The school lies within LightForce International land. It provides students with courses in Crop Management & Livestock and a Certificate in Agriculture. Alongside the Agricultural studies, students can also learn the skill of tailoring.

Volunteers can help in our vocational school supporting with practical farming and gardening work or tailoring activities the students undertake.

LightForce Children’s Village

LightForce Children’s Village is the home for 10 of the most vulnerable children in the community we serve. The children are under our guardianship for term time and some of their school holidays. Living with us gives them access to school sponsorship, health care and a loving home where food is always served.

You will have endless fun with our children, supporting them with their day- to- day care, helping them with their homework, providing games and activities for them in the evenings and at the weekends, as well as helping them to tend to their small garden at the weekends.

Community Projects

We are passionate about the community that we serve, taking the time to visit families, hear their stories and show them love is truly powerful and makes a difference. Members of LightForce staff regularly take the time to visit particular families checking on how they are, spending time with them. You will have the opportunity to join our staff as they carry out their community visits.

Join our weekly sports outreach to children and youth as well as taking part in community visits to vulnerable families. Every Saturday afternoon we have a gathering of anything between 50-100 children from the local community who come to play games and then hear a positive message at the end.

LightForce Health Centre

In 2016, we opened up a clinic within the grounds of the LightForce projects. The aim of this clinic is to provide healthcare for locals who normally would need to travel some distance to access quality medical care. In an area where people live in poverty, locals experience illnesses and conditions linked to this as well as suffering from malaria. The clinic aims to provide basic health, pre natal and post natal care as well as offering anti venom for snake bites and general health support and advice.

Opportunities to support the work:

  • Assist with the development of the Health Care Centre
  • Work within the clinic in your specialist area
  • Develop your knowledge and understanding of tropical diseases
  • Work alongside local health care professionals to support and develop both of your practice in turn

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Frequently Asked Questions

When am I able to come out?

We run trips to Uganda all year round. We will be putting out dates for 2019 shortly, of when we are holding group trips. 

How much will it cost me to stay with LightForce?

We ask for a £600 contribution for anywhere between a 1 week and 4 week stay which covers your accommodation, food and 1 return journey to and from the airport. After this period, the amount will be £250 per month

How much are flights to Uganda?

Depending on what time of year you travel and with what airline will determine the exact price. Flights do however start from around £500+

What airport do I need to go to in Uganda?

Entebbe airport

Do I need to get a visa to enter Uganda?

Yes, the cost is £40 or $50 USD. LightForce has guidance for filling out an online application before you leave. 

Is there a convenient time for me to arrive into Entebbe?

Yes, we ask that volunteers arrive in the morning as this helps with traffic through Kampala, the capital city. 

What jabs do I need to come to Uganda?

We recommend that you book an appointment with your GP or travel nurse as soon as possible to find out the exact jabs you need. 

Do I need to take anti malarial tablets in Uganda?

Yes, these are extremely important! Please consult with your GP to find out the best type of anti malarial for you. 

What clothes should I bring? 

We recommend light loose clothing, long sleeves and cuffed trousers for the evening. We do however send volunteers a manual which gives a more in depth ‘kit list’ 

Can I bring gifts for the children?

Yes, we do ask however that all gifts for the children are handed in at the LightForce office.We do not want to encourage a culture where visitors mean gifts. 

What gifts are helpful?

Pencils, rubbers, sharpeners, coloured paper and card, bubbles, sports equipment such as small balls, Frisbee etc. 

How much money will I need whilst in Uganda and where can I get it from?

The cost of living in Uganda is much lower. For a 2 week stay £50 will suffice, past this period of time it is up to you how much you choose to bring. You can change GBP (£) or USD ($) with LightForce staff when you arrive. 

Where do I stay in Uganda and how will I get there?

You would be staying in a village called Telela just outside a town called Lira, in the North of Uganda. Here we have a safari lodge where we can accommodate over 20 people. The lodge is beautifully kept and is located within a secure compound. You will be collected from the airport by a trusted driver and driven to Lira which takes between 5 and 6 hours, you will also be collected after your time with us and taken back. This comes as part of your £600 payment. 

What will the weather be like in Uganda?

There are 2 main seasons in Uganda, rainy and dry. Temperatures rarely drop below 22 degrees and in dry season can reach highs of 48 degrees. November- February is when the weather is at its hottest, after this it moves between being hot, between 26-33 degrees, and heavy downpours followed by sunshine. 

Do people speak English in Uganda?

Yes, most people you meet will be able to speak English. All Ugandan staff in LightForce have very good English. In more rural areas there will be people who do not speak English especially elderly people. Despite the number of people who speak English it is good to learn simple greetings in the local language. 

What will I be doing when I am in Uganda?

This can vary depending on the person who comes out. We look to play on people’s strengths, abilities and also their occupation. However we also want people to have a well rounded experience and therefore will give people the opportunity to serve in a variety of different areas. 

Do you run safari trips, if so how much are they?

Yes, we run safari trips to Murchison Falls National Park. The cost is £120 for the day. This includes all travel costs, a boat safari to the falls, packed lunch and a guide for the trip.


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